Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application/nomination deadline?
The end of the day on Friday, March 10, 2023 (by 11:59 p.m.). All applications are to be submitted electronically.

Can I send my materials electronically?
Yes, all applications are to be submitted electronically. Use the link in the “Forms” menu above to access the form. All materials are securely transmitted and stored.

Can I drop off my application(s) in person and where would I bring them?
All applications should be submitted electronically. If you have a paper attachment and need to convert it to a PDF, scanners are freely available for use in the Homer Babbidge Library.

Can I send my materials by fax?
We do not accept faxed copies of application materials.

Am I eligible for scholarships in the Neag School?
All current students in the Neag School, as well as students who have been accepted into a program in the Neag School and will be enrolled beginning in the next summer or next academic year, can apply. Students who are graduating and will not be enrolled in the next academic year are not eligible to apply. Awards span the different departments in the school, and in addition, there are some school-wide awards. Each has different eligibility criteria, and students are strongly encouraged to read the parameters of each award and carefully address each of the listed criteria in the application.

How many scholarships can I apply for?
Students can apply to up to five (5) scholarships.  If students submit more than five applications, only the first five will be considered.  (Applications are timestamped upon submission.)

If I am applying for more than one scholarship, do I need to submit multiple applications?
Yes, you will submit a different application for each scholarship that you are applying to. Students are strongly encouraged to read the parameters of each award and carefully address each of the listed criteria in the application.

When the award parameters of a scholarship state “demonstrated financial need,” what do I need to submit to meet this requirement?
There are no specific documents. However, some examples of what students have used in the past are:

  • a print out through the PeopleSoft/Student Admin System’s student portal of your Financial Aid Summary page
  • a printed copy of your current academic year’s fee bills, Fall and Spring, from the PeopleSoft/Student Admin System’s student portal
  • a copy of a student loan bill
  • a copy of your FAFSA form, if it has been completed

Please do NOT include bank records or tax returns as a means of demonstrating financial need, and be sure to remove/redact any sensitive information such as social security numbers. In all cases, it is highly recommended that you include information in the one-page essay of your current financial situation, as well as one of the other required documents listed above.

What do I do if I am interested in a scholarship that says “Awarded by nomination only, NO applications accepted?”
For a nomination only scholarship, you are encouraged to express your interest to your advisor or another faculty member who can submit your name for consideration if they so choose.

How will I know if I have been selected to receive a scholarship?
A letter will be mailed to the ‘Mailing Address’ that you indicate on your application form or the mailing address listed in Student Admin.

What is the Scholarship Award Ceremony?
It is an event recognizing the Neag School’s scholarship recipients from the past academic year. The scholarship donors are also invited to this event, so this allows a wonderful opportunity for donors and recipients to meet.

How will I receive my scholarship monies?
The Bursar’s Office directly transfers the scholarship funds into the student fee accounts.

Are there any expectations associated with receiving a scholarship?
All recipients are expected to make every effort to attend the Scholarship Award Ceremony.

A week or so after the Ceremony, recipients will be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor(s) by way of receiving a letter that will contain the name of the donor(s) and instructions on where to send it.

How do I save my documents in PDF format?
When using Microsoft Word, you would want to click File, Save As, and then change the format to .pdf prior to uploading your application. If using Google Docs, click File, Download, and then select PDF Document (.pdf).

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Diane Matteau by e-mail at