Shannon Leigh Closter Driscoll Memorial Scholarship Fund

Description of Award:

The purpose of this award is to support the University by providing scholarship support for full-time University students enrolled in the University’s Neag School of Education’s Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s Teacher Education Program.


Mrs. Lisbeth Dizney-Kurjiaka
Ms. Barbara J. Closter
Mr. Francis X. Closter, III
Friends of Shannon Leigh Closter Driscoll

Award Parameters:

  • Be a student enrolled full-time in the School’s Integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s Teacher Education Program
  • Demonstrate outstanding academic achievement
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in gifted and talented education

From those candidates that meet the criteria cited above, priority consideration, but not absolute preference, will be given first to students who are cancer survivors, second to year round or summer residents of Block Island, Rhode Island and third to students who are graduates of East Haven Academy in East Haven, Connecticut.

Standard Application Form